Invoice Factoring Quotes – How Invoice Factoring works In 3 Easy Steps. Call Now on 07957 897141

Invoice Factoring Quotes – How Invoice Factoring works In 3 Easy Steps. Call Now on 07957 897141

We Could Release 100% of your invoice value in 24 hours. Are you Interested?

Keeping on top of budget issues is a constant struggle for UK companies. Cash flow issues often make it difficult to pay suppliers in a timely fashion, creating credit issues that must be avoided to keep overall manufacturing costs to a minimum. Of course, if manufacturers could rely on their customers to pay invoices immediately, cash flow issues would quickly disappear. However, things do not work that way. To stay in business, customers often expect credit terms, which puts manufacturers in a bind. That is where invoice factoring companies come into play. They provide a smooth, efficient way to ease cash flow problems. In fact, there are now ways for manufacturers to see 100 percent of their invoice values in as little as 24 hours. The process is quite simple, and provides distinct advantages.

Manufacture and deliver the product.

Before invoice factoring UK companies step in, the goods or services must be delivered and invoiced. That is no different than any typical transaction, and puts no additional stress on company resources. Copies of the invoice must be delivered to the customer and to the lender involved before the funds can be disbursed.

The lender will make the agreed upon invoice amount available to your company.

Depending on the invoice factoring quotes, companies can expect the full amount agreed upon to be deposited within 24 hours. Because funds are released quickly, companies even out their cash flows, allowing them to take care of business needs without having to wait for weeks, or even months, to collect the amounts due. When companies are able rely on a predictable cash flow, budgeting issues are minimized.

Collections are handled by the lender.

When credit is provided to customers, there are times when those parties do not honor their agreements. In those cases, the lender, not your company, handles all collections since you have, in effect, sold those invoices. That further reduces daily pressure to balance your company books, and frees employees that would otherwise be involved with collections to take care of other functions. When your company takes advantage of invoice factoring services, your risk of loss from credit write offs is virtually eliminated

Each company using invoice factoring is unique, and their specific needs are handled on a case-by-case basis. In other words, what works for another company, in a different industry, may not be adaptable to your specific needs. A company providing invoice factoring quotes will, as a rule, work with a variety of lenders to make sure your company is matched with a lender that understands your needs.

With the advantages provided by invoice factoring, companies are often able to take advantage of opportunities that otherwise might not be available. With a reliable method of equalizing revenues, expansion projects or hiring efforts are less risky. Traditional costs associated with billing and collections are significantly reduced, allowing those funds to be reallocated to other areas. With the many options for customization, your company can redefine the duties of employees to better meet long-term objectives. The first step to financial stability for your company is to explore the potential advantages of invoice factoring with an industry expert.